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A Look at Car Transport Trailers

Author : Thomas Morva
If you are moving a standard passenger car and want to investigate different car transport trailer options there are many possibilities in today's auto shipping industry offered to the discerning customer. Open carrier transport is the most popular and least expensive type of auto shipping.In most cases, your car will be transported on an eight or 10-car hauler, the same type of trucks used to deliver new cars. These trucks are 75-80 feet long and almost 14 feet high. They can be difficult to maneuver and are limited to major roads that are free of low hanging trees and low clearance bridges. Make sure you keep this in mind when directing the truck to the pick-up location. If you want to make sure that your car stays clean, and avoids all highway wear and tear, then have your car transported in an enclosed car transport trailer.Enclosed trailers protect your car from all road hazards and weather for the duration of the trip. Due to the premium equipment and service provided with enclosed car trailers, it is usually the most expensive option in auto shipping. The following features are often available at an additional cost: lift gates for safe horizontal loading, ramp gates for long wheelbase vehicles, and winches for inoperable vehicles.This car transport trailer option is excellent for costly or exotic cars. Some other popular enclosed trailer options for secure car transport are: six-car enclosed trailers, four-car enclosed trailers, and two-car non-stacking enclosed trailers. Multi-car or enclosed transport sometimes can't be used due to height and width issues. Be sure to check the specs of the trailer and the size of your car.Some drivers prefer to transport their own vehicle. It is best to learn from a trained professional some of the nuances of moving cars. When you buy or rent a trailer ask for basic driving instructions and transport hints. There are some car transport trailer companies that will custom build your own trailer the way you want it. This option will depend on your budget and your specific needs.When choosing the proper car transport trailer for your car, discuss the length and weight of your car with the car trailer company to ensure it is within legal load specifications. More over if you are renting or buying, look for companies with large inventories and factory stock so you can avoid waiting for the trailer that you want.Finding the appropriate car transport trailer to fit your specific needs and budget should be an easy task providing that you know you budget limitations, special travel requirements for your car, and length of trip. In today's market there are literally hundreds of car transport trailer options out there, and you can count on finding the right one for you in no time at all.Car Transport Info provides detailed information about car transport services and trailers, as well as advice on locating an cheap, domestic and international car transport company for your standard, classic, or exotic car. Car Transport Info is affiliated with Original Content.
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Cool Energy Conservation Tips for the Concerned Motorist.

Author : Robin Piggott
Saving and conserving energy should be everyones concern. I am prompted to give my slant on this subject as it relates to Driving and Driving Techniques.
There are many ways to conserve energy and save money when Driving. We are primarily concerned with getting a better fuel consumption from each tankful and substantial longevity from our power point. Of course the best and most effective economic automotive strategy is to stay at home and have everything delivered but I guess there won't be many takers for this unique proposition?(1) Let's start with my favourite subject…Tyres. Under inflated Tyres enjoy a greater friction with the road leading to greater gas usage for each kilometre travelled. As well as this they wear out much more rapidly, give a rougher ride, particularly on Irish rural roads. Over inflated tyres also wear out rapidly and unevenly leading to more frequent replacement. Good for the tyre shop but not for you! Oh yes a soft tyre will pick up foreign bodies much more easily, leading to further replacement and expense.(2) An untrained Right Foot is a leading cause of excessive expenditure during all driving activity. Accelerating too hard, braking too hard, and driving too fast in general all contribute to excessive fuel usage and the corresponding increase in noxious emissions. Kyoto here we come?(3) The speed for optimum fuel consumption has been recognised over the years to be 55mph or approximately 90kph. As you increase your speed above this level your fuel consumption increases dramatically.(4) A poorly tuned engine will also use an excessive amount of fuel so the money spent on proper professional servicing will repay you in the end although at the time it may seem expensive.(5) Open windows and sun roofs contribute to drag and an increase in fuel consumption but clearly you can't drive safely if you are about to expire from heat exhaustion. Thankfully not something we experience too often here in Ireland. They do say though that the heatwaves experienced in Europe last year and this summer will be a regular feature by 2050!(6) Carrying piles of rubbish in either the cab or the boot of your car will increase your fuel consumption steadily over time so give your boot a make over every so often and clear it out of all but the essentials.(7) One more point about tyres. If you are carrying extra passengers and luggage, even for a short journey you should increase the tyre pressures. This will give a smoother, safer ride for all concerned and avoid excessive tyre wear. This latter point is particularly relevant if you are planning on rural driving since you will have to deal with an especially Irish phenomenon, that of potholes. Sometimes these are as big as a garden pond and will damage your underside easily, not to mention the ecological impact of disturbing the resident fish, frogs and other amphibians.(8) Since we seem to be constantly exposed throughout the country to major road works, which is an admirable activity from a safety perspective, you should always switch off your engine if there is going to be more than a minor delay. Sitting for several minutes with the engine running wastes a lot of fuel and puts more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than need be.(9) We have all experienced the "Are we there yet?" syndrome with our little treasures. Certainly children are not born with a sense of patience when it comes to surviving long journeys in a stuffy car or the realisation that a call of nature just can't be addressed at a moments notice on a Highway or Motorway.My final advice for energy conservation and non depletion of Bank Balance is to Plan your journey and the stops with Military precision taking a very large pre prepared picnic Hamper and a coolbox with a months supply of assorted drinks. This way everyone will be nourished and you the Driver will still be sane at the end of the Trip and hopefully will not have emptied your wallet!Robin Piggott is a Professional Driving Instructor based in Limerick Ireland. Please visit the Astral Driving School Web site and Blogs for up to date information on Learning to Drive and Driving in Ireland.
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Quality Safety Auto Parts for Mazda, Worthy Car Investments

Author : Tracy Dawson
Among the most distinguished names in the auto industry is Mazda. More than 800,000 units of Mazda vehicles are being sold out in the market every year, which only shows Mazda as a reliable auto maker. It is known for its exciting concept cars, powerful engines, including the revolutionary Wankel engine and tough and reliable auto parts designed and made with the most sophisticated technology. In the field of racing, Mazda has also exhibited superiority in building cars through its several wins credited to two, three- and four-rotor Mazda cars and other modified Mazda autos of private racers.Mazda definitely deserves no less than excellent care as it affords every Mazda user great driving satisfaction. One way of taking good care of your Mazda is by installing the finest replacement and aftermarket aftermarket Mazda parts. You don't have to go farther now because you can conveniently find the best Mazda parts in one convenient store online, Auto Parts Corner. For many years now, this store is considered as one of the most trusted sources of top of the line replacement auto parts for various makes and models.Featured in this store are thousands of high quality safety parts for your Mazda car including Mazda tail lights, Mazda rear lights, Mazda Bumpers, Mazda rear bumper and Mazda Mirror. Investing on safety parts like these is never a waste of money; except of course, if you buy low quality replacement and aftermarket auto parts from a non-reliable source. At Auto Parts Corner, there is nothing to worry because getting your replacement parts from this store assures you of getting the finest from the industry. Its well designed online store itself can tell you it has the best solution to your auto parts needs.Since most of these auto parts are fixed outside the car, they are made to enhance the car's exterior as well; thus, replacing them can be beneficial not only to your safety but to your car's looks, too. Headlights for example are designed to last longer than most auto parts; however, you can replace your stock Mazda headlights with excellently designed headlamps to give your Mazda a fresh new look. But more importantly, replacing your Mazda headlights with lamps that provide broader and longer beam can reduce risks in driving, especially at night.Mirrors like the auto lights are important safety features in a car as they allow the driver to see the area behind or at the side of the car. High quality Mazda mirrors available at this Auto Parts Wholesale dealer provides better view of the road; thereby, they help prevent you from hitting obstacles, another vehicle or a pedestrian on the road more effectively.Bumpers for various Mazda models are also offered in this store. These are among the most essential safety parts in a car since it is the Mazda bumper that absorbs the force during a collision. Without a bumper, the risks of incurring serious damages both to the passengers and the vehicle are higher. If your Mazda bumper has been damaged due to a small or high impact collision, replace it with tough and durable replacement bumper. It's better to spend some extra cash for these new parts than to incur more damages in the event of an accident.Avail of these auto parts now and enjoy auto parts wholesale deals. Other performance parts offered for your Mazda car are Mazda engine parts, Mazda Radiators, Mazda starter,Mazda Wheels, Mazda suspension parts and Mazda Spoilers. Aside from these, a complete and up-to-date list of quality replacement and aftermarket BMW Parts, Toyota Parts, Chevrolet Parts, Ford Parts, Volkswagen Parts and a whole lot more await you at the most experienced and trusted dealer online.Tracy is a 29 year old researcher and writer from Dallas, Texas with extensive experience in writing auto-related articles and covering automotive related events. She is currently a contributing writer for a leading automotive e-zine.
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The Difference Between a Car Polish and a Car Wax - A Primer for the Car Enthusiast

Author : Dean Fueroghne
There's a lot of confusion about the difference between a car polish and a car wax.Car Polish and Car Wax seem to have become interchangeable terms lately. Adding to the confusion, some manufacturers even call their product a polish when in reality it is a wax. No wonder many people think of car polish the same way they think of furniture polish, or nail polish - something that's applied and leaves a shiny surface.However, there is a huge difference between the two when it comes to automotive paint and paint protection.Using a car polish is like buffing a fingernail. The abrasives in a nail buffing cream remove dead cells and ridges from your nail and leave it clean, smooth, and …yes…shiny. A true car polish works the same way, by abrasion. Because of its abrasive properties, a polish is very good at removing scratches and swirl marks. It also conditions the paint, eliminates light oxidation, and creates a high gloss not possible with car wax alone. It's also important to note that a true, pure polish leaves nothing behind on the surface.Also keep in mind that since polish is an abrasive, it's important not to overuse it. I know a few car enthusiasts who only use polish on their vehicles. I wouldn't recommend this. An occasional once-over, plus some spot treatments for minor scratches or swirl marks may be all you really need.A car wax is completely different. Back to our fingernail analogy, a nail polish, though it's called a polish, in reality works more like a wax. It imparts its properties onto your nail, thus enhancing the shine, and protecting it. In the same way, a car wax leaves behind a layer of material which then brings out the depth of shine in your paint as it protects your paint's finish from oxidation and harmful road debris.Therefore, a good polish needs to be followed by a good coat of wax for added shine and protection.We here at Stuf Products like Carnauba wax. Carnauba tends to produce a deeper, darker, richer shine than any other wax, and won't build up like synthetic polymer waxes which may, over time, leave your ride looking dull, even milky, and that's just not good!So a polish helps to "perfect" or buff out minor imperfections in your paint. Wax helps enhance the condition of the paint you've got. It's good to know the difference. Because you can not remove swirl marks using a polish that is really just a wax and too much of a good polish can harm your car's finish.Dean Fueroghne is the President of Stuf Products, LLC, a manufacturer of premium car car products, made for fanatics, by fanatics. Dean has been into cars his whole life and began racing karts at age nine. He spent 14 years professionally driving NHRA fuel altereds and funny cars before moving on to open wheel racing. Dean is a Ford factory-trained mechanic and also owned his own custom body and paint shop, specializing in street rods and race cars. He's owned ten corvettes and currently owns and drives the Stuf Vette.
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Kerkorian Makes Play for GM General Motors

Author : Lance Winslow
With Delphi in bankruptcy, GM will take a huge hit and corporate high powered investors are looking at ways to take advantage of an asset rich company, which simply needs to re-invent itself a little. General Motors has re-invented itself many times. During the Deming Years, during World War II and now it is time in this present period to rachet up the volume and go again.What does Kerkorian have in mind this time? Obviously the savvy investor Kerkorian wants to protect his investment, but also understands the value and potential of General Motors as many analysts chock them off as a no longer viable company. One recent financial anal-ist said that there is a 30% chance that the Delphi bankruptcy would trigger a bankruptcy filing from General Motors.What would Alfred Sloan have to say about this current predicament with enormous under funded pension problems, recent loss in market share and the issues with Delphi's bankruptcy? As the financial news causes scare tactics amongst investors, Kerkorian is busy increasing his holdings in General Motors, finding the stock at a record low buying opportunity. What else does Kerkorian have planned for the company, able to wield even more weight in corporate decision-making at GM. Think on this.Lance Winslow - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/
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Unsafe or Unfair?

Author : Kenneth C. Hoffman
You'd have to be over 60 to remember the Corvair. As soon as I had a good paying job, I plunked down $2100. on a new 1960 Corvair Monza. I was attracted to the unusual engineering and features that no other car could claim. It had a heater that started warming your feet in 1 minute, the first comfortable bucket seats on any American car, and drove like a kiddy car around curves. The dash was simple and no nonsense, but since the Corvair was advertised as an economy car, I didn't mind the Spartan treatment. The first thing I did was rub down the Roman Red paint with white compound to a brilliant cut-glass shine, coat all the chrome (cars still had chrome bumpers) with clear lacquer, and insulate the engine from the interior. The six cylinder engine had plenty of power, but I wanted more and drilled out the economy carburetor jets for 15% more
horsepower.All the furor about the Corvair handling badly was brought out by Ralph Nader's book, 'nsafe at any speed'. It read like a scandalous disclosure and sold millions of copies. It was his contention that the rear weight bias snuck up on a driver and caused too many accidents. He used any and all statistics to prove his point and I'm sure scared the hell out of prospective buyers and Corvair owners alike. One statistic he omitted from his book was one from a large insurance company who stated that the Corvair proved to be the safest car in the country when you looked at the number of accidents per mile driven. This was attributed to the quick reacting independent suspension which helped avoid many an accident. Further investigation discovered that many of the accidents involving Corvair and other rear engine cars were due to the fact that the tires were being driven on contained only 10 to 15 psi!In a front engine car, this dereliction of tire safety would result only in premature tire wear and more resistance to turning. But in a rear-engined car, this low tire pressure could result in the swapping of ends, front for back, surprising the driver. Of course he would have to be going around a curve at three times the posted speed or on glare ice for this to happen.I drove the 1960 Corvair for about 60,000 miles and sold it three years later for $50.00 less that I paid for it. My sister and I made a car trip out to California and back with no trouble at all with the exception of one flat. While not being strictly legal, the back seat folded forward to make a nice bed with the addition of an air mattress. There was room for an ice chest and the front trunk held two medium sized suitcases and many other items. The Corvair was American ingenuity at its best, the car lasting for nine years, bringing driving fun and economy with a flair.Automotive ingenuety intrigues me.
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A Car Donation Does Make a Big Difference

Author : Jay Stockman
Mother nature's fury, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, have wreaked havoc on many people, and communities. As a result of these devastating events, homes, and lives have been destroyed. Rebuilding infrastructure and property, requires a great deal of resources, and capital. Federal, and local financial aid are much needed, however this aid falls short of what is truly required. Individual contributions are vital to fill these vast short falls. Beyond monetary contributions, donating a used vehicle can greatly benefit the needs of these desperate communities. A car donation is a process whereby both the donors, and the recipients benefit from the transaction.

Car Donations are relatively easy, and are done through a charity vehicle donation program. Generally, a telephone call is all that is necessary, in addition to a clear title to the automobile. Many charities will take vehicles that are running or not running. The car donation program will arrange for the vehicle to be picked up, conduct a charity auction sale, and distribute the proceeds to the charity of your choice. It is important to have the following information ready before you make the call:

-Owner's name
-Owner's address
-Owner's telephone number - work and home
-Owner's e-mail address
-Year, Make and model of vehicle
-Running Condition?
-Address where the vehicle is located.
-Approximate mileage on vehicle

Your car donation is fully tax deductible, as long as the charity is a registered 501(c)3 organization. A registered 501(c)3 organization is a non-profit organization permitted by the IRS to accept contributions and offer donors a tax deduction for their gifts. Thanks to a new tax law in effect as of January 2005, the IRS has taken the guesswork out of determining the value of your vehicle. You may deduct the full price that is received from the sale of your car. This greatly simplifies the process, because you no longer have to research and arrive at an estimate of the fair market value of the vehicle. This also eliminates the risk of getting into trouble by overstating the value of your deduction on your tax return. You'll know exactly the amount you may deduct, eliminating guesswork, and saving both time and risk.

A car donation will help provide humanitarian aid, and disaster relief for devastated areas, and communities. Additionally, a car donation will eliminate the hassles of selling a car, and give something back to a community in need at the same time. A car donation can and will make a difference.Jay B Stockman is a contributing editor for Charity Car Donation Service Resource Visit

http://www.car-donation-usa.com/ for more information.
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Consider Buying A Green Machine

Author : Kenneth C. Hoffman
When buying a new car, usually family needs dictate the
type of vehicle you can consider. A two auto family works
well with one minivan or SUV and one smaller car for commuting. Since most trips in the car carry one or two people, it is preferable to use the smaller car most of the time to save costs.The real world miles per gallon for SUV's is probably around
nineteen MPG. The smaller cars get 25 to 30 MPG. Doesn't it make sense to buy one that gets 50 MPG? The Toyota Prius and the new Honda Civic Hybrid can do this without sacrificing drivability.The futuristic styled Prius is popular enough for Toyota to have production problems keeping up with sales. It looks like Honda has a stylistic winner in the Civic Hybrid. The five thousand dollar premium tacked onto the price of a regular Civic is somewhat alleviated by the government rebate of $2300.00 after Jan. 1st.Even though the Civic Hybrid is considered an economy car,
many luxury items are available or are included in the price: automatic climate control, keyless entry, satellite navigation, XM radio, in dash six CD/MP3 player and ABS. In order to enjoy the terrific mileage you have to give up the fold down rear seats (for the battery pack) and a slightly smaller trunk.The new 1.3 iVTEC engine is a marvel of engineering. It senses through your gas pedal whether you want to accelerate quickly or gradually, cruise at slow speeds through town (using the electric motor only) or to shut down the four cylinders when the batteries need charging. It's no dog getting on to the highway, either. Fears of the AC closing down at a light or waiting at the bank are groundless for this new model, since the AC works on battery as well as off the gasoline engine. Soon $100.00 will not be enough to fill up the tank on your SUV. Think about it.Love my Honda.
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Should You Take a Shot at Beating Speeding Tickets?

Author : Matthew Henderson
There are two ideologies about beating speeding tickets. One goes: everybody speeds and I got caught in a police trap with a radar detector when everybody else was going faster, so why shouldn't I try to beat the ticket and cheat them out of the speeding fine?The second one goes: I was speeding and I should slow down for my own safety as well as everybody else's so I should just pay the speeding fine and learn from my mistake. Whether or not to try to beat the ticket is up to you. If you feel you were unfairly targeted or profiled, then fight.However, if you speed all the time and just need a gentle reminder to slow down before you have a serious accident there are alternatives that can be explored whether or not you decide to go to court. The simplest is online traffic school where, in most states, you still pay the speeding fine and in addition you pay a small fee for the traffic safety course. In return the points for the infraction do not appear on your driving record.You can also elect to take a driving school offline where you'll spend more time, and pay more money but you'll learn more about proper driving techniques and safety. Any of these elective programs will have the effect to help lower your auto insurance premiums, reducing the fines you'll pay for the ticket and could ultimately end up having your ticket dismissed. It all depends on your past driving history, the current infraction and your willingness as demonstrated to the DMV and the court to amend your ways.Matthew Henderson is editor at Auto-Fleet.com. Stop by for a huge selection of auto information. Online auto loan, auto extended warranty, vehicle history report, online traffic school, improving your credit, online drivers education, auto insurance information and much more!
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Safe Driving

Author : Edward Lewis

Handy Tips To Keep In Mind To Make Driving EnjoyableIt is better to get to your destination in one piece than never at all.Think of your family and loved ones when you drive, will they get to see you again at the end of the day?Life is precious treasure it.Do not squeeze in more people than the number of seat belts there are.Buckle up your seat belts and ensure that both the front and rear seat passengers buckle up theirs too.Turn your head and check the blind side of your car to the lane that you are attempting to filter to.If you drink, go public i.e. take a cab or the public transport or have your sober friends drive you back.If you are stressed or tired, drive to the road shoulder or a car park and take a breather or a nap first. Alternatively, you could take a cab or the public transport or ask somebody to drive you home.Check your eyesight regularly to ensure that you see well on the road.Keep a pair of sunglass in the car compartment in case of direct strong sunlight.While you are driving, refrain from fiddling with the audio system.Never play music so loud that you cannot hear the environment. Someone may honk at you to warn you about something.Do not overrun red lights.Keep cool, if the driver behind keeps too close to your car indicating that he wants to overtake you, let him do so. Think positive, he may be in a hurry to go the hospital, his wife or her husband or kid may be ill or he may be rushing to the airport!Stay away from a mad driver. He could drive you to your death!In slow traffic, make sure that you pay full attention on the road and do not keep too close to the car in front of you.Follow speed limits.At a traffic junction, when the light turns green in your favour, do not speed off immediately. Instead check to see whether any car runs the red light from the side road.Concentrate on the road, look frequently at your rear view and side view mirrors to ensure you know the traffic around your car. You may need to change lane if the car in front of you suddenly stop, but before you change lane make sure you know whether there is any car or oncoming cars on the lanes beside you.Do not use the mobile phone, if you really have to use one, attach a hands-free kit.Experience is the best teacher. New drivers should not try to overspeed. For e.g. an experienced driver will be able to correct a mistake like oversteering on a corner. A new driver on the other hand might swerve violently instead, endangering himself and others.Tyres are important for providing control of the car especially in wet weather conditions. Check the tyres every two weeks when the tyres are cold. Wearing at the center of the tyre indicates over-inflation whereas wearing at the outer rim indicates under-inflation.Keep your glove compartment stocked with a local street directory, flashlight and car owner's manual.Keep an emergency kit comprising a reflective triangle, first aid kit, gloves, jumper cables, tool kit, cloth, water etc. in your car. The most common reasons for car breakdown are flat tyres and batteries.In case of breakdown, move your car to the side of the road and put up the necessary signage for e.g., the reflective triangle, giving ample notice to any oncoming car. If you intend to change your tyre, make sure you are not in the way of oncoming cars.Check the brakes regularly.To keep safe from air bags, wear the seat belt and sit so that one's breastbone is at least 20 cm from where the air bags puffs out. Never put a child in the front seat, if this cannot be avoided, place your biggest child in front and slide the seat as far back as possible.Child safety seat is the first choice for the child sitting on the back seat. Make sure you get the right size for your child.
Article link: http://www.tipsofallsorts.com/safedriving.htmlCopyright 2005 tipsofallsorts.com All Rights Reserved.About The AuthorEdward Lewis is a member of the TipsOfAllSorts team.Tips Of All Sorts [http://www.tipsofallsorts.com] is a site loaded with useful tips on health, family, home, garden, beauty and almost anything else possible!Note: To reprint this article on a website, e-zine or newsletter, the credits above must be in tact and all hyperlinks must be active.
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Coming to a Car Dealer Near You!

Author : Matthew Keegan
The 2006 cars are fresh in dealer showrooms and already talk is raging about several upcoming cars set for release in model year 2007 or later. The styles are great, the engineering is advanced, and you simply haven't seen anything yet. Let's take a peak at what is coming down the pike. One of these future cars just may be what you end up driving!Hyundai Equus – Can you say, V8 Hyundai? That's right, the Equus which is already sold in Korea, may make its debut here in North America as a 2008 model. Reports have it that the car, which is larger than the Sonata, will be a rear wheel drive four door sedan outfitted with wood, leather, and all the latest electronic gadgetry.Saturn Outlook – Things are certainly changing for Saturn, now that GM has killed off the Oldsmobile division. Still trying to find its footing amongst Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Cadillac, the division will get its first big crossover vehicle when the 8 passenger Outlook debuts as a 2007 model. Look for V6 power standard with the first Saturn equipped V8 as an option.Ford Edge – If a Ford model starts with an "E" it likely is an SUV. The Edge is an SUV and it isn't an SUV. More of a crossover vehicle, the 2007 Edge will be based on the Ford Fusion which borrows its platform from the Mazda 6. Positioned between the Escape and the Explorer, the Edge is meant to be Ford's answer to other car based people movers including the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander.Volvo C30 – Can you say, subcompact Volvo? Yes, it is true: Volvo will be introducing the C30, a three door hatchback coupe. Some eight inches shorter than the compact S40, the car will run on a small inline four and it may be the first Volvo to have an optional hybrid engine. The C30 is to debut as a 2007 model.Chevrolet Sport Wagon – GM's purchase of Daewoo is having some positive side effects in the development of the 2008 Sport Wagon. A joint Daewoo-Chevrolet venture, this five seat model will be a crossover vehicle and share some components with Chevy's larger Equinox. Planned as a world car, the Sport Wagon is likely to wear Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki, and Opel nameplates.Are you excited yet? If not, there are hundreds of additional models on the drawing boards and concept cars on display at an auto show near you. Hang on, change is in the air and you haven't seen anything yet!Copyright 2005 -- Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Auto Parts Canada, a wholesaler of OEM
parts and accessories for your vehicle.
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21 Classic Pontiacs!

Author : Matthew Keegan
So, you think you know your cars now, do you? Well, consider this to be a test of your knowledge of Pontiac history. 21 Pontiacs are featured here: some are current models while others are truly classic in every sense of the word, dating back to the early 1960s.6000 – Full sized [or almost] front wheel drive sedan of the 1980s.Aztec – Ugly is as ugly does. This crossover vehicle ashamed the Pontiac fleet for two years during the early 00s.Bonneville – Full sized Pontiac sedan excitement retired in 2005 after more than 40 years of service. Part of GM's massive restructuring and retiring of top model names.Catalina – This model hearkens back to the mid 60s when two door hard tops ruled the day. Discontinued during the late 70s during GM's "down sizing" shell game days.Fiero – Mid-engine sport two-seater built for Pontiac during the go-go 80s. GM reached into their parts bin and took out Chevette and other components to create this little roadster.Firebird – It goes without saying that this "pony" car is sorely missed. The good news is that it may be back by the time the 2009 model year rolls around.Firefly – Twin to the Geo Metro, the Firefly was Pontiac's 3 cylinder captive import of the late eighties to mid nineties.G6 – Current compact model in Pontiac's arsenal available in rakish coupe or sporty sedan.Grand Am -- With its 1973 debut, the Grand Am quickly became the division's mid-range performance car. Retired in 2005 with a host of other Pontiac model names.Grand Prix – Hidden tail lights and a concave rear window marked the Grand Prix's 1963 debut. The car has survived GM's model name shake out and today's car is a mid-sized, front wheel drive sports sedan.GTO – Introduced in 1967, the GTO was a true coupe turned sports car. Eliminated in the 1970s, the GTO is back thanks to GM's Australian division, Holden. Rear wheel drive and a big V8 too.LeMans – Originally a Tempest model, the LeMans became its own model once the Tempest name was retired in the 1970s. Retired in the mid 1990s after a cheap Korean car was allowed to carry its name. Sheesh!Montana -- A minivan for Pontiac, if not for the ages.Parisienne – During the 1980s Pontiac needed a version of the Chevrolet Caprice. This full sized, rear wheel drive sedan filled the bill.Phoenix – Part of GM's "X cars" of compact import fighting vehicles introduced during 1979 as a 1980 model.Sunbird – Nothing but a rebadged Chevy Cavalier.Sunfire – Compact coupe retired in 2005 as part of, you guessed, GM's model restructuring.Sunrunner – Nothing but a rebadged Geo/Chevy Tracker.Tempest – From the early sixties until the early seventies, the term "muscle car" befit this hot coupe. Especially nice as a convertible!Trans Sport – Hideous looking minivan that debuted in the early 1990s. Mercifully replaced years later by the Montana.Vibe – A currently produced compact five door sport wagon; cousin to the Toyota Matrix.So, there you have it. At least another half dozen models were left out from this time period plus many models that dated back to the division's founding as part of the Oakland Automobile Company in 1926. Pontiac excitement…have you caught it yet?Matt Keegan is an automotive buff and contributing writer for the Auto Parts Warehouse [APW]. At APW, we supply quality
Pontiac accessories for your GTO, Montana, Sunbird, Firebird, or other fine Pontiac vehicle.
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Dodge Buzz: Upcoming Models

Author : Matthew Keegan
DaimlerChrysler's Dodge division has certainly been making a name for itself over the past decade. No longer in the shadow of Chrysler or a carbon copy of Plymouth, Dodge has its own vehicles stamped with its own unique personality. The Charger is Dodge's latest hot model; what can Dodge do for an encore? Read on for all the exciting details!Caliber – The compact Neon is dead and a replacement vehicle is waiting in the wings by the name of Caliber. Sporting Dodge's signature crosshair grille, the Caliber resembles a Chrysler Pacifica but it is in the Chrysler PT Cruiser's size range. This five door wagon-like vehicle features jacked up wheel arches and a sloped roofline that tapers off to a rear hatch spoiler. On demand all wheel drive is expected to be one of the car's options. Built on a Mitsubishi Lancer platform, the Caliber has been planned to go toe-to-toe with the VW Golf and Mazda 3. The Caliber is expected to debut in early 2006 as a 2007 model.Nitro – Dodge gets a small SUV, the Nitro which is a rebadged and slightly reworked Jeep Liberty. As is customary with all contemporary Dodges, the Nitro sports the Dodge crosshair grille and unique wheel arches. Everything else about the Nitro is expected to be virtually the same as the Liberty including engine and transmission choices. The Nitro is expected to debut late in 2006.Charger Coupe – Okay, I am dreaming. So are a lot of other people who are just itching for Dodge to release a two door version of the awesome Charger. The word about Charger is this: half the people like the sedan and the other half are disappointed it wasn't developed as a coupe. No confirmation has been made, but a coupe may show up in late 2007 joining with [not replacing] the current sedan.Love Those Vans – Chrysler is nearing the end of the life cycle for the current crop of minivans which still outsells any competitor on the market. Stow 'N Go has been such a popular hit that any redesign will be built around this nifty feature. Expect the newest rendition of the Caravan and the Chrysler Town and Country to show up some time in 2008.So, there you have it. The division that at one time gave us the Aries K and Omni now features the Viper, Ram, Dakota, Durango, and a host of other exciting vehicles. Dodge fans are pinching themselves hoping that it isn't all a dream. Well, it isn't and the upcoming models promise to uphold Dodge's new found place in The Chrysler Group.Matt Keegan is a writer and an automotive enthusiast. For the best

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How to Pick the Best Radar Detector for You

Author : John Mancini
In today's high speed, gotta have it now society, the desire to protect oneself from a speeding ticket it growing ever greater. The best way to avoid the dreaded speeding ticket, you need to have a radar detector. You need the best that you can afford, but what is that, how do you choose? The following tips will help you pick the best radar detector for you.1- Do you remember the last speeding ticket that you received? Do you remember thinking that you should have had a radar detector? Do you remember thinking that you didn't even know how to start looking or what to look for when getting one? Well, life just got a little easier; follow these tips when you decide you don't want another speeding ticket to remember.2- Price is also a consideration for most people. However, the old adage, you get what you pay for, is incredibly true in the case of radar detectors. When you think about the money that is spent when you get a speeding ticket (the cost of the ticket, time away from work to pay for it, increased insurance costs, etc), it is worth it for most people to spend the extra money to buy a high quality radar detector. That being said, most detectors can be found starting at around $90.00.3- The internet is the best source of information for most people. There are a number of sites that offer expert testimony regarding the options and models that will best suit your specific needs and budget.4- Your local police post can also be an excellent source of information, namely they will be able to tell you if the unit you are considering the purchase of is legal in your state. Not all radar detectors are necessarily legal in all states, especially those that also include a radar jammer. It may seem a little odd to ask the police about the best radar detector to avoid themw with, but it's better to be safe than sorry and buy something that is illegal without knowing it.5- An interesting fact to keep in mind when deciding whether to purchase a radar detector, there are over 100,000 radar detectors in use by law enforcement everyday in this country. That number is steadily climbing by approximately 20,000 more every year. Are these odds that you want to be up against the next time you are speeding?John Mancini writes about radar detectors online and offline. You can read more about escort radar detector and radar jammers on his websites.
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Premium Exhaust Systems Rock

Author : Matthew Keegan
Stock exhaust systems are designed to adequately convert unsafe emissions into minimally harmful exhaust. Unfortunately, these particular types of systems are prone to corrosion. It is not unusual for owners to have to replace their muffler, a tail pipe, or even a catalytic converter at some point during the time that they own their vehicle. If automobile manufacturers would only fit their vehicles with premium exhaust systems this problem would cease to exist. Unfortunately, it is the "bottom line" that determines that decision. Let's take a look at premium exhaust systems as they are definitely something you many want to consider the next time your exhaust system has to be replaced.When it comes to premium exhausts systems, a Borla exhaust system is the benchmark by which all others are designed. The reason? Aircraft quality material, specifically T-304 stainless steel the same steel that goes into building all those lovely Boeing aircraft you see in our skies, is what a Borla exhaust is made of.There are a number of reasons why a premium [also known as performance] exhaust system makes sense:Long Lasting -- Quite frankly, it helps to make an exhaust system out of something that cannot easily corrode. The makers of Borla exhausts discovered that aircraft quality stainless steel was the most likely to endure changing temperatures and road conditions, therefore they build them with only the best materials and back them up with a one million mile warranty. Gee, just how many people do you think will even keep their cars that long? Not many; likely a performance exhaust system would be the last exhaust system for that car.Economical -- Say again?! Yes, your cash outlay will be much higher than a stock exhaust system, but your car's resale value could get a boost and you won't ever have to pay for another exhaust system again.More Horsepower -- Did you know that your stock exhaust system is not all that efficient? Sure, it does the job by keeping pollutants to a minimum but it also works against your engine by restricting power. Top quality performance exhaust systems, including those made by Borla, free up energy, thereby helping your engine to squeeze out more power.Improved Fuel Economy -- A side benefit of a more efficiently working engine is a bump up in fuel economy. Since your engine works smarter, it doesn't need to burn as much fuel. The resultant spike in fuel economy is an attribute few take into consideration.A Cool Sound -- Performance exhaust systems are designed to emit a cool sounding note to let you and everyone else know that your vehicle has been transformed into a Formula 1 racer. Okay, we can pretend…however, the sound that a performance exhaust system makes is pleasing to all.So, there you have it. I shared with you a brief overview of a performance exhaust system and the many benefits of owning one. If you install one yourself you can save money; order online through an established and respected wholesaler and you can save even more cash.Copyright 2005 -- Matt Keegan is a car fan and automotive writer for the
Winning Exhaust, an online automotive retailer,
Borla Stinger Exhaust and
Borla Pro XS Mufflers.
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Autos, Choosing The Right One For You!

Author : Mike Wall
Autos are essential within many of our lives. Simply living in a big city may mean that we have to drive to our jobs, to school, and to play. Or, if you live within a small town that is sprawled out, you will need autos just to get from one place to the next to buy a gallon of milk or to take a friend to the movies. No matter where we live, having the right transportation is essential to daily life. It is in that that lays the reason why we need to invest wisely in our choices.How many autos are there to choose from? Hundreds and even thousands of different makes and models are out there. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle trying to decide which the right one to invest your money in. But, there are several things that you can consider to make the right choice. Here is a list of things to think about.First, know your budget. There is no sense in buying too much car or spending too much money and having to lose the car later. Or, purchasing a cheap car when you can afford something a little nicer is also a downfall. If it is going to break down on you within a few weeks, is it worth the purchase?Know the features that you must have. Colder climates need salt resistance, strong heaters, and good tires. Warmer environments may not need these things but will need air conditioning.If you are on a tight budget, things like power windows and locks may be an area to avoid. Extra features cost more money. So, choose wisely!Then, you also need to consider payment methods of the autos you do choose. If you plan to make monthly payments, you will end up paying more once the interest is factored in. But, if you can't afford to pay the entire price up front, this may be the next best option. But, choose the dealership with the best rates so that you do not spend too much money on interest.Some autos offer warranties or guarantees on their construction and parts. Others do not. When purchasing any auto, ensure that it is fully running and working correctly. It is often wise to have a trusted mechanic take a look at it before you sign the paperwork away.When purchasing autos, it is wise to shop around before you buy. It is ideal to know a little about the make, model, and relative price of the auto before you sign it away. You often can haggle the price down, but don't expect to pay nothing. In the end, this essential part of life can either cost you big time or be an investment in your future.Mike Wall, a talented author for Autos site. An info portal for Cars.
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Garage Your Car and Beat the Bad Weather

Author : Neil O'Sullivan
Recent market research shows that many people who don't use a garage spend around 10 minutes de-icing their cars on cold winter mornings -ten minutes that could be better spent in bed!The weight of snow can bend or break wipers and pouring hot water over the glass can crack your windscreen, not forgetting the icy pavements left behind that can lead to accidents.Why not take the bite out of winter and protect your car in a new garages that can cost only a little more than the £1000 fine you could be charged by police for driving with restricted vision.There are many ways to personalise your garage and an increasingly popular option in bad weather are automatic doors, which enable you to open the garage from the comfort of your car – ideal on wet and cold evenings.With winter now making its presence known it is harder to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings. People find themselves running late for work, so the last thing you want to do is walk outside and have to de-ice your car or clear away snow.A garage helps protect your car from the winter weather and this gives you those extra precious minutes under the duvet on a cold winter morning.Compton Buildings are based in Fenny Compton, Warwickshire and have show sites of their buildings situated throughout Great Britain.Compton are the largest UK garage manufacturer and have manufactured more garages than anyone else in Europe.More information on the product range can be seen on their website http://www.comptonbuildings.co.uk
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Auto Transport is Easy and Safe

Author : Christopher Luck
There are a variety of reasons why you may have to may have to use an auto transport service to ship your car or truck, van or SUV, when driving it from place to place just isn't practical or possible. Lucky, there are likewise a variety of ways which you can go about doing the transporting, based on your budget, or the urgency with which you need your car to arrive.If you currently own a car and are in the process of moving, the most annoying thing to have to consider is how you'll get your vehicle or vehicles from your current residence to your next one. You may be moving a great distance, or even overseas, and yet you don't have the opportunity or time to move your car by yourself. Of course, you need your car at your new home, and you need it there as soon as possible, so you'll have to consult an automobile transporter to ship your car from A to B. Most transport companies, whether they ship your car by train or by truck, have fully computerized shipping services, so that you can track the status and position of your car in transit, just in case you're the worrying type.But before you send your car on a cross country or international trip, you'll want to make sure you have it in tip-top shape, and get a thorough record of inspection that will make note of your car's mileage, any noticeable dents scratches or nicks, any cracked glass, or other imperfections. Make sure that all is well covered and accounted for when you purchase insurance for your car, so that it will be made clear within the legal contract both you and the transport company will draft. This becomes important just in case any physical damage is done to your car during transport, so you'll have proof and justification with which to hold the company accountable.And then there's the question of whether to ship your car by train or by truck. In person, of course, you'll probably be flying to your destination, but if you were traveling on the ground you might choose train travel over car travel just because it's the romantic thing to do. But your car doesn't know anything about romance, so you'll want to choose the fastest, easiest way to get it shipped so that you can minimize hassle. If you choose to go by train, the biggest inconvenience may be that you will have to pick up your car from the terminal they ship it to. That's a problem if you want to get your car right to your new front door, or just won't have the time to head out and pick up your car from the lot they've deposited it in. In this case, your best option is to go with shipping your automobile by truck, which, in most instances, can do direct shipment to a specific street address with a not unreasonable difference in price.In case you need a specific date for delivery because you won't be able to receive your car at any other possible time, then it is important to let the auto transport company you choose know this, as there may be a holding fee at their terminal.For shipping overseas, obviously the same kinds of inspections and precautions need to be taken to ensure you receive your car in the same shape you left it. There's nothing worse than finding out weeks after you've received your car that there's a jagged scratch in the paint you didn't at first notice, and which you can't prove the company responsible for. So be cautious, be careful, and know just what you want from your automobile transporter.Christopher M. Luck has have many years experience with auto transportation and is now offering his free professional auto transport advice to the public. If you are at all interested in Christopher's auto towing advice, tips, or secrets, you can check out his auto transport blog.
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Driving This Winter - You Were Warned!

Author : Mark Flanighan
Well winter is here and we were warned. Back in October the TV weather teams told us that this winter would be the worst for many years. Some quoted the worst for 10 years and some did the usual and quoted the worst ever.Already we have seen the gridlock in the UK and many motorists stranded overnight as they were caught out by snowstorms. The next day the TV weather teams are on the news saying we told you so, and for once I am on their side. So the message for this winter when driving is this, make sure you check the weather reports regularly, at least each night before you go to bed. If it states snow then be prepared the next morning to leave earlier or have plans to cancel.Is your car prepared? Do you have plenty petrol in your car, more than you need in case you are stuck in traffic or snow? Do you have a basic tool kit in the car? Do you have plenty of antifreeze and is your mobile phone fully charged? Are your headlights clean and plenty of water with antifreeze in your washer bottle? If you travel by yourself or know nothing about cars have you got suitable breakdown cover? You can get cover for as little as £29 still that will get you home in a case of breakdown or accident.This may all seem pretty basic but you would be surprised of how many think they will cope as and when it happens. But as we found out recently many were stranded overnight as the snow came in apparently from nowhere. Those with insufficient petrol ended up abandoning their cars without any heating. Others tried to book into already full hotels and bed and breakfasts.This can be more than just inconvenience, being unprepared in bad weather can be a life or death situation. If YOU can't drive anywhere chances are the rescue services can't either. So this winter, be prepared!Mark is the webmaster of car breakdown cover, a premier source for breakdown cover in the UK.
he is also a Business Consultant and webmaster for Best Breakdown Cover
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The Brake Fluid in My Car is Dirty How Can I Change This Fluid Myself?

Author : Austin Davis
Reader Question" I have a question, can I change my brake fluid myself, and
if so how?
Thank you so much,
Tammy,Tammy,Thanks for your email. You CAN change the brake fluid yourself. The easiest and safest way to do it is to open the "brake bleeder screws" found behind each wheel (if in doubt ask your mechanic to point these out to you), or loosen the brake line behind each wheel which will allow the fluid to drip out slowly just with the power of gravity.This might take an hour or two, so be patient. You need to remove the brake fluid reservoir cover on the brake master cylinder and DO NOT let the fluid level to so low that air will get in the lines!!!! Always keep the brake fluid reservoir cover off and filled with clean fluid until all the dirty fluid has drained out.Once the old fluid has drained, re-tighten all the bleeder screws or brake lines that you loosened!!!The other way to do this is to wait until your vehicle needs a brake job and have your mechanic do it while he is replacing the brake pads. There will be an additional charge, but it should not be very much as brake fluid "bleeding" is sometimes nessecary during a routine brake job.Austin Davis is a Car Repair consumer advocate helping his visitors answer their questions about Auto repair and auto mechanic problems. Visit his site at http://www.myhonestmechanic.com to learn more.
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Demystifying The Tire Sidewall Code

Author : Debbie Pettitt
So, you need new tires for your car or truck, but how do you know what to buy? What do all those alphanumeric codes printed on the tire sidewalls mean, anyway?If you're in the market for new tires, you may simply want to replace your worn tires with exactly the same tire it came with. But you MAY want to consider an upgrade. If you know how to read the tire sidewalls, chock full of valuable information, you've got an advantage over most people and are prepared to make an informed decision. So let's get underway!Tire Size Markings (example: P215/65R15 89H)Broken down:
P = Passenger
Other designations are
LT = Light Truck
T = Temporary (spare tire)215 is the width (in millimeters) of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. A wider tire has more grip but the bad news is that you lose fuel economy, hear more noise and the tires don't work as well in the rain.65 is the aspect ratio
The aspect ratio is the ratio of sidewall height to tire width. With regards to aspect ratio, the larger the number, the taller the tire sidewall. Tall (60-75) is great for a quiet ride but causes howling in turns. Short (35-55) is better for handling--more for sports cars.R indicates Radial. This means it is constructed with a series of support belts sideways under the tread.
Other designations include
B for Belted Bias
D for Diagonal Bias
The standard, and what you'll see most often, is R.15 is the wheel (or rim) diameter, in inches.89 is the load index
H is the speed rating
Speed ratings indicate the top speed under ideal conditions. Higher-rated tires are usually made of softer rubber and will have shorter UTQG tread life. Here are a few of the more common speed ratings: R= 106, S=112, T=118, U=124, H=130, V=149, W=168, Y=186. Along with this speed rating, you have a load index which indicates the approximate weight the tire can carry. Some of the more common load weights are as follows: 85 = 1,135 pounds, 86 = 1,168 pounds, 87 = 1,201 pounds, 88 = 1,235 pounds.UTQG RatingsPassenger car tires are accompanied by a UTQG Rating (Uniform Tire Quality Grading, mandated by the Federal Government) which rates the tread life of tires by looking at tread wear, traction and temperature resistance. The UTQG Rating is usually found opposite the tire size markings and will be in three separate ratings: treadwear, traction and temperature.The treadware grade standard is 100. A grade of 200 means the tread would wear twice as well as a tire graded 100.Traction grades run from AA to C, with AA being the highest grade and C meaning the tire brakes poorly on both wet concrete and wet asphalt.Temperature grades rate the tire's resistance to and ability to dispel heat. Those grades are A (resists heat well), B (not as good as A) and C (passes minimum safety standards.) Keep in mind that heavy loads, under-inflation of the tires, and high speeds can all affect the tire temperature.You should note that these tire grades rate tires measured under controlled conditions. Factors such as driving habits, road conditions, climate, etc., are not considerations and may affect the actual performance of your tire.DOTDOT (Department of Transportation) indicates the tire is in compliance with applicable DOT safety standards. Next to DOT is an identification or serial number--codes that designate where and when the tire was produced.You'll also find other information on the sidewall such as the type and composition of the tire, the maximum cold inflation (PSI) and maximum load in pounds.So as you can see, tires carry a huge amount of information. But it's really not all that complicated once you learn to read the code.Debbie Pettitt is webmaster for Everything Tires, your tire resource. For more information on tires, visit http://everythingtires.com
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Muscle Cars & Cloning

Author : David Atkin
With the quality of the workmanship on some of the muscle car clones, it's tough to know if your getting ripped off or taken advantage of, but you can still be smart about it, by learning about the car that you want to buy, getting ripped off will make you hateful and sour about the whole car industry, and it's not all of the industry that's trying to rip you off, just a small portion of the very weak ones.Now if your looking at buying a classic cars you should learn all you can about the model that your buying, and learn about the person who's selling it, check out the car and be sure it's what it has been represented to you as being, get some references on the guy, or the company selling the car, first and foremost is that you know that the seller or his company is reputable.You can do this by going to places like http://ussearch.com on the net, or the Better Business Bureau located at http://bbb.com on the net, or you could use a private investigator to find info about the seller and his business, your looking for info, like his criminal record, and from the bbb look for things like, has anybody got a complaint against his business at this time, and what are the complaints, a complaint can be frivolous and have no merit, look for the serious stuff.Now as to the car itself, this can be very tricky, you need to look at the vin number, and make sure that it says the car is what the person sell it said it was, on GM cars you also need to look at the rpo number, this number will tell you if the engine and transmission are the correct one for the car your buying, or if things have been changed, the rpo code must match what the vin plate says, you can also look at things like rear end tags and transmission tags.On mopar products you need to look at this like the trim tag, usually located on the left inner fenderwell, you also need to look at the vin plate, this will tell you things like the make or manufacturer of the car, the body style, the price class which is what the car was built for, what engine should be in the car, what assembly plant it was built at...David C. AtkinLook here for a mopar vin decoder. You'll want to match the vin up to the codes on the engine and transmission http://www.yearone.com/updatedsinglepages/Id_info/mopar/mopar%20casting%20numbers/castingnumbers1.htmlhttp://muscle-car-resto.com
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Auto Glass Repair vs Replacement

Author : Scotty Johnson
Whenever there's an accident, the first thing that has a probability of breaking is the windshield. Even a small crack can often spread across your area of vision or it can spread into the inner layer of your windshield, which is a plastic layer sandwiched between the two glass layers. Even a small stone can cause extensive damage.Whenever such a situation occurs, the first thing that arises in our mind is which option we should choose - repair or replacement. If we go for repair rather than the replacement then certainly we can save some money. Modern windshields have been designed to be repairable. Nowadays special injections are coming into the automobile glass market that contain a special resin which is injected into the damaged area using unique tools that attach directly to the glass.Some chips or cracks may react successfully to the repair whereas some may not. Windshield repair is like first aid. If you leave a crack and do not fix it, then it may cause more severe damage and the condition of the windshield can get much worse.If a tiny size chip is just in front of your driving seat, then a quick repair is must as this may hinder your vision. Windshield repair can be quarter sized or up to 3 inches long. But some advance techniques can repair up to 12 inches long cracks. For more than 12-inch cracks, only replacement is suggested.Major thing that needs to be considered is the location and size of the damage. If damage is at the edge of the windshield then it will spread fast and will destroy the integrity of the glass. If any edge damage is found then repair it soon. It will save the life of your windshield.Some of current techniques do no repair those cracks that directly come into the view of driver's line of sight because a small distortion may still left behind. In that case replacement would be a wise decision. Cost of the repair is entirely depending upon the damage of the windshield. If the cracks are quite long or around 12 inches then charges will be higher.Certainly if you go for replacement then your insurance company may not pay you the entire replacement amount but in case of repair they may pay the total expenditure. So repair is a more economical process.Windshield repair or replacement is totally depending upon the size and location of the damage and cracks. So, before going for any of these options just consult a glass specialist who can examine your shield and suggest if a repair will work or not. If damage from an accident is quite big then do not compromise your life, as you know better that windshield replacement is a necessity. Just bear in mind that your life is more valuable than anything else.This article provided by Royal Auto Detailing and CAAutoList.com.For professional auto glass repair in San Diego, visit Royal Detailing. Services include windshield repair, paint touch-up, and auto detailing. Browse our automotive resource directory for all of your other automotive needs.
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Starting a Mobile Auto Detailing Business, Tricks and Traps

Author : Lance Winslow
Often new entrants into the automotive detailing sector will be a little fearful at first and want to over come this fear and put it behind them. Yet as with anything a little fear might be the best friend you ever had. You see it is not easy to start a small business in the United States with all the tricks and traps and starting a Mobile Auto Detailing Business, mobile car wash or professional auto detail shop is no exception.How might I help you with this FEAR other than to warn that the fear is real? My best advice and most appropriate is to warn you against going into business for yourself. You should fear it, as the deck is stacked against small businesses in this county. Only 1 in 5 Small Businesses make it in the first five years. Your odds are not looking so hot you know? There is a good chance you will lose all your money. You should really reconsider.Should you fear lawsuits? Well call Caesar, I am not the one to ask, he seems to have the best advice on that you know, but in all seriousness there will be times you will have to pay those professional parasites, kind of like protection money to the mob, only the money the lawyers steal from you well it is all legal. Does it happen often, that auto detailing companies get sued? No, hardly ever really although there are a number of employee type claims which go on in the industry perhaps can avoid these problematic situations and work hard to do better with labor and head off much before the animosity leads to such things. It is all in how you handle the employees with fairness. Be honest and fair and you should be okay. Think on this.Lance Winslow - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/
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Tips on Finding Acura Parts For Repairs

Author : Christopher Luck
How should you go about locating Acura parts so that you can save a few dollars and do repairs at home rather than at the dealer? Doing repairs at home has saved me a lot of money over the years. At the cost of only my time, I have been able to do repairs at a small fraction of what a dealership or garage would charge for the same service. So, if you enjoy working on your car, doing repairs at home can be a great way to save some money. However, when it comes time to fix your Acura, where do you go to find Acura parts at a reasonable price? There are a few places you can look that will help you to get what you need at a price you like.
The first place to look for affordable Acura parts is, of course, on the internet. By using a search engine you will be able to look world wide quickly for those who may be selling Acura parts. Check first for specific Acura part dealers who may be stockpiling a lot of the parts you need and selling them at a lower price than the garage you had been using was. You can also check for general car part websites that may even give you access to their inventory database so that you can see if they have the Acura parts you need and at what price they are selling them. Look for sites that offer free shipping or discounts over other prices you have seen.
The next place to look is the old fashion way of finding Acura parts or parts for any other model: the junk yard. Find your local junk yard. You will have to likely wade through the rows of junked cars to find Acuras, but once you do you will have access to many Acura parts that the yard will likely sell you at a very reasonable price. Make sure you bring your tools, though, because you will likely have to remove the Acura part yourself and the junk yard is not in the business of loaning out tools.
Third, check the classified ads in your local paper. Often times if people are going to sell their car for parts, they may do so through the paper. Look for Acura parts listed or start calling some of the ads. Sometimes you stumble on someone who knows someone that may be able to help you get the Acura parts you need at a good price. Like with anything else, sometimes it is just about networking.
Doing repairs on your Acura yourself is a great way to save yourself a few bucks. In addition to saving on the labor, you can do a little research and likely save yourself money on the parts as well. Do some research to find Acura parts you may need at great prices by going on line, checking your local junk yards, and even making some calls to those advertising in your local paper's classifieds. You will be happy with what you will be able to save on Acura parts by just doing a little calling around and some leg work, plus you just might have fun.If you would like to view more of my articles on acura automobiles, please feel free to visit my acura secrets website!
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2006 Ford Taurus: Drive in Comfort

Author : Sarah McBride
Introduced in December of the year 1985 as a 1986 model, the Ford Taurus is a midsize car sold by the Ford Motor Company in North America. There are about seven million Ford Tauruses that were sold since is production. During the years 1992 and 1996, it entered and maintained in the top slot for the best selling car in the United States.The 2006 Ford Taurus has been made available as a sedan or a wagon. It makes its attraction by having a low price combined with a roomy interior. It could be considered as a good buy for people looking around and considering a vehicle with a low initial price and with decent refinements and appearance.The sedans of the 2006 Ford Taurus are available in LX, SE, SES, or SEL trims. Along with that, the wagons have been done in SE or SEL trims. Each of these 2006 Ford Taurus models are equipped with various standard features. They include 16-inch wheels, a front bench seat, air conditioning, a rear defogger, power windows, mirrors, locks, anti-theft system with keyless entry, a tilt steering wheel, an AM/FM radio, additional aluminum wheels, a power driver seat, an in-dash six-disc CD player, a split-folding rear seat, illuminated vanity mirrors, and bucket seats. A cassette player and cruise control are given as options.People who have tried the 2006 Ford Taurus have claimed that this vehicle could store many items, as well as it has great gas mileage. For long distance driving, the 2006 Ford Taurus has proven itself to be comfortable.wheelsbumpersradiators--------------------As a manager of one of the largest auto store in Springfield,Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.
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Carburetor Parts

Author : Eric Morris
The carburetor is the component of an automobile engine that mixes gasoline and air in the right proportion for internal combustion. Carburetors are generally found in older vehicles as this technology has been replaced by computerized electronic fuel injection, which is more fuel-efficient and has lower emission. Carburetor engines generally contain only one carburetor though some larger engines may use multiple carburetors. Automotive carburetors come in two kinds, downdraft and side-draft. Down draft carburetors are used in the US because of the V-engines while side-draft carburetors are used in the Europe.A carburetor is just a tube with an adjustable plate called the "throttle", placed across it. This throttle controls the amount of air that flows through the tube. The carburetor tube narrows down at a place called the venture, where a vacuum is created. There is a hole in this narrowing called the jet that allows the fuel to be drawn in because of the vacuum. There are several parts in a carburetor that allow for smooth functioning. They are the pilot, pilot airscrew, throttle valve, jet needle, needle jet, air jet, and main jet. Other important parts are the choke, accelerator pump, float chamber and barrels that help to create the ideal mixture of gas and air in the engine.Carburetor parts are generally available as carburetor kits or repair kits rather than individually. Some parts are sold only in exchange for old parts. The main parts in a carburetor are integral chokes, heat riser tubes, divorced or remote chokes, choke pull-offs and dashpots, carburetor tags, and brass floats. Most manufacturers provide carburetor parts for almost all models of carburetors and carburetor parts usually come with a warranty. The Internet is a good source for suppliers of carburetor parts and there are several websites that offer comprehensive information about carburetor parts.Carburetors provides detailed information about carburetors, carburetor parts, carburetor tuning, and more. Carburetors is affiliated with Car Transport.
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2006 Toyota Highlander - The Car Driven By The Gods

Author : Yaroslav Shakula
Have you seen a commercial about a Toyota car? Or the slogan for Toyota? The car in front is a Toyota. That saying is so true especially with the 2006 Toyota highlander. The 2006 Toyota highlander is an SUV but with super smooth riding even when you are off road you will not want to call it an SUV at all. When you get into your 2006 Toyota highlander you will know that you are going for the ride of your life.When you are looking at any SUV you would ultimately like to purchase one that can give you a super smooth ride. When you take an SUV off road you want to make sure that it can handle anything that you throw at it. But if you are a regular SUV driver then you may know just how tough it can be on your body if your SUV doesn't like to drive over the smallest bump. With the 2006 Toyota highlander you can make those jumps without any fear, the bumps and jumps that you were to worried about before can now become a part of your off road experience. Your previous car may have been slightly edgy when coming up to a big jump, but with the 2006 Toyota highlander you know that you can ride up and down anything without concern. The 2006 Toyota highlander demands that you go off road and that you take every jump that you see. You are now in a SUV that demands more and more wild jumps everyday.When you decide that you want to buy Toyota highlander you will of course head down to your nearest Toyota dealer and ask them if you can test drive the Toyota highlander. This is where it can get a bit tricky, because when Toyota made the highlander they didn't stop at just one highlander, instead they decided to go for 4 different types of highlander SUVS. These SUVS are the standard 200 Toyota highlander, the 2006 Toyota highlander limited, the 2006 Toyota highlander hybrid and the 2006 Toyota highlander hybrid unlimited. So that is 4 different SUVS for you to get your brain around. Obviously each SUV carries a different price tag and that means that you can get an SUV that will match your budget.A lot of people prefer to buy the 2006 Toyota highlander hybrid, this is a sensible choice as it is the middle priced SUV. This means that you won't get the cheapest SUV but you also won't be paying for the most expensive SUV also so it is the smartest choice to make. The 2006 Toyota highlander hybrid is as stated the middle priced SUV out of the 4 available, but with all the features that come with it you will think that you are getting the most expensive one by mistake. The features that come with it can make your head spin; with so much to take in you may forget about the safety features. But the safety features are there and they are there to make sure that you enjoy your brand new SUV to it's fullest without having to worry about the car or yourself. If the worst does happen then you know that the safety features will make sure that you do not suffer any serious injury. This is a SUV that will take a bullet for you if it has too. You cannot find a more reliable or more safer SUV. If you are anyone you know is looking around for a SUV then send them to a Toyota dealership and they will come out of there with a big grin on their faces.Yaroslav Shakula is the editor-in-chief of I Hate This site which is probably the best place for people to vent their feelings and reviews on almost anything.
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X-Type: Definitely a Jaguar

Author : Michelle Crimson
The smallest of the current Jaguar saloon cars, the Jaguar X-Type had had its humble beginnings in 2001. It was purposefully built on the success of the S-Type and has taken its styling and design mostly from the Jaguar XJ series. It also has some Ford parts in it so much so that Jaguar, the vehicle manufacturer, states that only twenty per cent of the X-Type's parts come are Ford parts and the rest are Jaguar parts.Primarily, the Jaguar X-Type was designed to be a direct competitor to the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. And to be able to compete with these vehicles, it was structured and crafted with an all wheel drive system which was tuned to be able to send sixty per cent of its engine power to the rear wheels, and the remaining forty per cent sent to the front, thus giving this vehicle a sportier feel. It was initially crafted as a saloon, however come early 2004, the saloon was then joined by an estate model, thus making it the very first Jaguar estate car. Also, it was Jaguar's vehicle to use a diesel engine.The Jaguar X-Type is elegant, comfortable, and really fun to drive. It is one vehicle that would be a good choice for driving in the rain, snow or ice because it gives drivers and its passengers a secure feeling even during those conditions. As per last year, a new Jaguar Sportwagon joined the X-Type line of vehicles. It has already gained popularity in Europe. Aside from that, it offers a great cargo carrying capacity along with its unique style that's only Jaguar. It also has a tailgate with independently opening rear window, luggage tie-downs, removable luggage cover, and also a cargo net. What is neat for this vehicle is that it has a neat hidden cargo compartment under its rear floor.Standard equipment for this vehicle includes dual-stage front-passenger airbags; front side-impact airbags; front and rear curtain-style head protection airbags; three-point rear seat belts; all-wheel drive; four-channel ABS, automatic climate control, tilt and telescopic steering wheel with audio controls; power windows with one-touch operation; eight-way power driver's seat; four-way manual passenger seat; power moonroof; leather-trimmed seats; wood and leather steering wheel; center console with sliding armrest; Sapele wood trim; floor mats for the front and rear; sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors; Bluetooth phone; CD changer wiring; speed control; 120-watt radio/cassette; and antenna that is integrated into the rear window.The Jaguar X-Type would not be mistaken for any brand of vehicle for it is definitely a Jaguar and it exudes the look and feel of a Jaguar. It still contains all the traditional British ingredients that has been Jaguar's definition as a brand for decades and decades still.Jaguar Parts and Jaguar Auto PartsJaguar X-Type parts--------------------Michelle Crimson holds a degree in business administration. She is currently working as an editor in New Orleans, Louisiana. This 32 year old mother of two is also a car racing fanatic.
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Mazda 323: The Great Little Car

Author : Margaret Adams
A subcompact car that was produced by Mazda of Japan, the Mazda 323 is also called the Familia in its home country. It was manufactured from 1976 up until 2003. In the United States, it was originally known as the GLC, then the 323, and come 1990, it was then known as the Protégé. In another part of the globe, South Africa knows this vehicle as the Etude. These vehicles were built in Japan, and also they are assembled in other countries that include Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Colombia and New Zealand.It has become a perennial favorite among US car magazines mainly because the model is well regarded for its spirited handling. Also, it had made a place in the automotive industry by being the first small Japanese car to cross over to the EPA "compact" class in 1990, the same time that it started to be recognized and known as the Mazda Protégé. It also became the basis of other vehicles by manufacturers that included the Ford Laser and Meteor in Asia, Australia, and other markets (this is known as the Mercury Tracer in the United States), and the Ford Escort.In 1976, the first Mazda 323 rolled off the streets as a rear wheel drive model and was known in the United States as the Mazda GLC which actually stood for "Great Little Car". This was a version of the fourth-generation Japan-market Mazda Familia. The vehicle was made available then in different bodies: a five-door four-seat hatch, a three-door four-seat hatch, a five-door four-seat station wagon, a three-door four-seat station wagon, and a three-door two-seat van with an extended roof profile. It carried with it square sealed beam units on all models except the van, together with a general styling and mechanical upgrade.The Mazda 323 is exquisitely designed and enjoys excellent reliability. It also has a dynamically styled 5-door hatchback. It is well-made, spacious and very reliable. Easy to drive and offers design features that are very detailed, the Mazda 323 has the best reliability in the automotive and automobile business. It has driving strength which is quite the usual and the norm running through the Mazda range. It also offers an excellent driving position. What makes the Mazda 323 have a smooth and light work to drive are its controls that are easily manipulated. Space is something that this vehicle can afford and there is quite more than enough space in the front and rear. It also features a forward folding backrest of the front passenger seat which could actually double as a picnic table that allows long loads to be carried in it.Replacing the Mazda 323 in its line up is the Mazda 3. This time, this vehicle shares a platform with the current generation Volvo S40 and the new generation Ford Focus.Mazda 323 parts-------------------Margaret Adams is the present manager of the largest auto manufacturing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This 35 year old maiden is a certified car enthusiast.

The Contour Years

Author : Jason Moore
Replacing the Ford Tempo is the Ford Contour. It strictly competes with the Honda Accord, the Chrysler Cirrus, the Dodge Stratus, and other compact and mid-size sedans. This vehicle is crafted and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States and has been made available in a couple of trim levels including GL, LX, and the sporty SE. This vehicle exudes performance, refinement and an overall execution.This vehicle has a standard dual airbags and optional features comprise of antilock brakes, and traction control. Also, this vehicle's other features are bumpers that could withstand a five mph impact, and a base engine that was a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that could produce 125 horsepower that works well with a 5-speed manual shift or the optional electronic 4-speed automatic transmission.This vehicle suffered from several mishaps in several of its parts. The automatic transmission had a faulty manual lever position sensor. If the parking brake cables held some ice during the winter month, this will not allow the brake to release. Its dashboard lights were somewhat faulty with the charge warning lights glowing. Since its production in 1995, it already suffered from performance faults. The list included front seatbelt anchor tabs cracking, fuel-tank filler reinforcements leaking, the metal shield on its plastic fuel-filler pipe developing stating charge during refueling that could be an ignition source, passenger airbags inflator body cracking, overheating at head lamp and wiring-harness terminals that could result in open circuit for instrument lights, parking lamps, and tail lamps, front coil springs fracturing as a result of corrosion in several extreme environments, and owner guide manuals not being sufficiently clear.However, because of these mishaps, the Ford Contour underwent several drastic changes so as to fully facilitate a greater driving experience for its users. In 1995, the Ford Contour reduced its chrome stripes on its bumpers and its body had been colored. The front seats were now recessed in the back so as to improve rear seat leg room. A year after, the traction control and heated mirrors were no longer an option. The remote fuel door release was removed. Made available were interior trunk lights, tilt steering wheels, and power antennas. The year 1997 made the Ford Contour sport new designs in its front and rear ends. The roof line was altered and the rear deck shorted so as to further improve rear seat headroom. For the last year of its production, 2000, each trim level received different changes and restyling.The 2000 Ford Contour held a DOHC 24-valve V6 engine with aluminum block and heads. It had a Ford EEC-IV engine control system with port fuel injection. It had a power of 170 bhp at 6250 rpm and a capability of 165 lb-ft. of torque at 4250 rpm. It sported a transmission of a 5-speed manual. It held a curb weight of 2910 lb. The Ford Contour's wheelbase was 106.5 inches and a length of 183.9 inches.Ford Parts and Ford Auto PartsFord Countour partsFord steeringJason Moore, a 35 year old freelance writer from Austin, Texas. He also works as a marketing analyst for an established auto parts store in the country.
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Driving Essentials: Tips For Driving In The Snow

Author : Justin Brown
Whether you are a driver that has recently passed, or an experienced driver, travelling in the snow can greatly affect the way you need to drive the car and also how your car behaves.Regardless of whether your car has the best braking system available, it is often not the car brakes that will cause an accident in such conditions, but the lack of grip between the road surface and the tyres. This is fairly apparent, nevertheless many people believe that their vehicle is safer to driver in snow as it is high-performance or has the latest stability control technology, which may not be the case.The cornering ability of the car is almost non-existent, and it may feel like you can not control the vehicle and might slide sideways slightly. It is essential to remain focused and refrain from any sudden braking, sharp acceleration, and travelling at high speeds. Be aware of what is around you and allow plenty of time to react to any situation, such as moving traffic. Before reaching the turn, ensure that you have slowed down long before taking the corner, and also make certain that you do so in a straight line so that you avoid loss of control.When pulling away from a stand-still; try and do so a higher gear such as in second as opposed to first. This will limit the degree of wheel spin you could encounter. Likewise, whilst travelling, drive in as high a gear as possible to also limit wheel spin.A remarkable point to make is that most drivers, however experienced they are at driving in typical conditions, will in fact have driven fewer miles in the snow than they will have in normal driving conditions when they were learning to drive. This shows the amount of drivers on the road that may be unproven drivers in snow.When braking, avoid any sudden slowing down as this will cause the car to skid if you are on ice or snow. Should you find yourself skidding, release your foot from the brake and reapply (you may remember this from your driving lessons, although with ABS technology doing this for you in the dry, this may not have been the case). Additionally, you can also use the gears to help slow down the vehicle somewhat. Change to a lower gear carefully and allow the engine help the car lessen its speed.Although there is a lot to consider when driving in the snow, it is also highly important that you bear in mind that other drivers may not be experienced in the snow. Consequently, do not assume that other drivers are going to do something; in other words, expect the unexpected. One example would be to assume that a driver is going to stop and give way whilst you are manoeuvring around a roundabout, although this may not occur if the driver has not applied their brakes early enough.Importantly, before setting off on your journey, consider the following:- Do you have to take the journey, and if you do can it wait until the roads are clear?- Do you have a mobile phone with you in case of an emergency?- Have you informed someone of where you are going?- Have you checked that your destination is accessible by road?- Do you have a blanket or appropriate clothing in case you become stranded in traffic?Justin Brown is the owner of the site http://www.idealauto.co.uk where you can find information on a variety of automobile related subjects, and also sell any used cars in the UK.
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That New Car Smell - Tales from the Darkside in Austin, Texas

Author : Frank Bellucci
If you're anything like me, you love that New Car Smell. There's no smell quite like it in the whole world. I think the carmaker guys spend a lot of time enhancing it since they know it makes us buy cars faster than Margaritas on Cinco De Mayo. It's the same strategy the fast food guys use. You know what I mean. You drive by and there's some short and skinny guy up in the fast food chimney fanning out the burger and fries smell so you can't help it but stop and buy the Biggie Burger and the Figgy Fries. The problem is it's only about 1 hour after your done woofing your food before you wish you hadn't gone to Biggie Burgers and about 1 month before you wish you hadn't gone to Super Daddy's Western Car Dealership.That's the thing about it. New cars seem like a savvy move when you buy them since for only $349 a month + tax + title + down you can have a great car. I can never quite get the final price of the lease, however, since I can't add up all those plus signs. They make my calculator's head hurt. I have to go to the dealer where they have the SuperCalc 5000 leasing computer, which always informs me that my true price will be $100 or $200 higher per month! That's especially true after I order the Soft Serve ice cream maker option and the Daffodil Lilac scented lambskin covers.I haven't bought a new car in almost ten years and my cars still run like new. Ok, I do have a shop full of car experts who take care of them, but the reality is I still have to fix them when they break. But even if you're paying normal shop rates, I can't figure out how a new car wins the battle of the financial planning.Let's do some simple math. You could go out and buy a 4-year old car and spend say, $15,000. Or you could buy the same car for $30,000+higher taxes+higher insurance. In this example, you'd save at least a delta of about $15,000 or $3,000 for each of the next five years. $3,000 is quite a safety cushion for yearly repair bills. When was the last time you spent that much on your car in a given year? Add on the fact that you can buy an extended warranty and your risk drops even further.I know, though, the little devil in your ear is still begging you to buy the Cayman – S. Hey, I have my eyes on it to. It looks like a sharp performer and sexy as well. And maybe ladies will finally admire me even as I push my gray hairs out of my eyes as I ask them to repeat their compliments since my hearing isn't what it used to be. Ok, back to reality.A good shop can be your best friend if you decide to do the financially prudent thing in buying a pre-owned car. A local shop, owned by families or individuals, will get to know you and your car as it's serviced (if they're any good at what they do). That's a big deal and a huge benefit over places with big shiny buildings that can't remember your first or last name when you come in. You know the kinds of places I'm talking about where you pay the repair bill and some nice young lady pulls up a microphone and says, "Please bring 10-10-1948-23-3029 to the front, customer waiting".In a smaller shop, it's a lot different. Your car will probably be there parked and ready for you to drive off and the shop manager will simply hand you your keys and thank you for you business –and will probably know both your first and last name. Small shops will also get to know your car's history so that you can head off problems down the road and service things early before they turn into big problems. And if it's a truly great shop, the same mechanic will work on your car each time so that there is a working knowledge base in his head about your car – that can be far more effective than just what's put in the computer database.Well that's it for today; I have to go do some other stuff now. But I hope you enjoyed my story and thanks for reading!Frank Bellucci is the President of Performance Motors in Austin, Texas. In addition, he likes to think of himself as a rather funny person. His wife doesn't agree. But that's OK. Frank seems to have limitless funny experiences with cars, one of his great passions in life. You can catch Frank driving down 183 in Austin in his Land Rover. He loves his Rover more than wine. And he really likes wine (just not at the same time). Anyhow, look for articles that have good information with a bit of humor in the coming months! Visit Frank at http://www.perfmotors.com.
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Automobile Restoration: A Serious Undertaking

Author : David Atkin
It's a serious undertaking when you restore a car, the biggest part of it is to be prepared for anything, if your doing it yourself then make sure that you have a good system for cataloging the parts that come off of the car that your doing, and be prepared for the un foreseen, it's a lot of work and a lot more time, it never a quick venture.Make sure that you really love the car that your restoring, because if you don't it will probably get boring and monotonous, and that is the last thing you want to happen, this is how people end up with half done projects, and cars that they hate, be prepared with the money that you'll need to do the project, and it won't be just a little bit either, it will be a considerable investment of time and money.Don't fall in to the old trap of thinking that the car is in good condition because of what it looks like on the outside, this can be very deceiving, be sure to look at everything from the inside out, most cars have a lot of hidden work that's not seeable from the outside, so be sure to open the trunk and look at the floor of it, pull up the front carpet just a bit and look at the main floor board of the car.On the out side look for bubbles in the paint on the car, this usually indicates that the paint has rust underneath it, look real hard at the rocker panels of the car, and around the rear wheel wells, and always look under the wheel wells at the rear outer wheel well, open the hood and look at the engine compartment for rust, and bad wiring, these are tell tail signs that the car will need a considerable amount of work to make it drivable.Id your planning on having a shop do your restoration for you, then be prepared to give them what they need to restore your car, as I have said earlier, you will be spending a lot of money to restore your car, so be prepared, a shop will need parts on a regular basis until your car is done, and they will need paint supplies, and a lot of other things, and most shops don't have the space to store your car if no work is being done, so give them what they need to build your car.A restoration of a car that's in good shape will usually take about 900 hours of work, and if the car is in bad shape it can take a lot more, but remember that you get what you pay for, if you want the car done really fast they will need more then one person working on it, and this will mean that you'll be charged at the shop's labor rate for each person working on your car, if you can wait and you have some time to complete the project, then you will more then likely save some cash.Most shops will try do restore your car for the best price that they possibly can right at the first, so bargaining with them to lower their prices probably won't work with most shops, the shops don't make a high profit margin on their work and usually can't afford to be cutting their prices, and in most cases shops don't do estimates, due to the fact that it's pretty much impossible to estimate a restoration project because there are so many variables that enter in to it, it's a lot different from a collision repair shop.In a restoration there is no standard for the time that it takes to perform a certain task, and it is impossible to know what's rusted or damaged in the car until you start the project, the shop has to tear in to the car to find all of the defective areas of it, and this can't be done without bringing the car in to the shop and putting a man on it, it's never just a matter of a simple looking at the car, it a matter of locating everything that has to be done, and it is never an easy job.I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been in the automotive business for about 25 years, and during that time I have worked in all facets of the industry, plus owned my own shops, like I do now.

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